How to Find Interested Potential Customers

It's long been known that search engines are useful for finding qualified traffic for your site. What's new is how important this is for B2B companies. According to, 95.5% of B2B purchases use a search engine while making their decision. In the past, B2B companies have dismissed the Web and especially search engines as being irrelevant to their sales process. The truth is that it's only their companies are irrelevant to their potential customers. The fact is that B2B purchases use and need the Web to complete their purchases. They are looking for information and education about the purchase. Many of them are not fully informed about the purchase and thus are looking for education. Many are looking for white papers and PDFs they can print out for their colleagues. The search engine represents the best chance to grab this traffic: early in the sales process when all that's required is information. And, if it's setup correctly, your Web site can fulfill all these needs without involving expensive human labor from the sales department.