Is One-to-One Marketing Desirable?

It almost goes without saying that one-to-one marketing is the major goal of all marketing. I'm not so sure it's a good idea? To me, the problem comes down to whether anyone even *wants* to be dealt with individually in marketing. In the marketing phase of the buying process, the buyer is typically shopping, comparing, and learning. At this stage, the buyer is not ready to be approached as an individual. At this stage, the buyer wants to remain under the radar, gathering information and perspectives. At some point, of course, the buyer will emerge from the marketing funnel as a full-fledged lead. S/he will be ready to talk to someone about a purchase. At this stage, we have passed from marketing to sales. At this stage, not only is a one-to-one relationship desirable, it's required. Here, the potential buyer *demands* to be treated as an individual. Of course, it's not marketing at this stage. It's sales.