Jury Duty and Communications

The other day, I had jury duty. It's pretty normal and unremarkable in itself. I did, however, make some interesting observations about their communications. 1. The event started with a line to check-in. There was a sign that 2 windows were available to be used for check-in. People were forming 1 line, and then the next person would go to whichever window was open. This struck me as a very fair and simple solution. The staff, however, didn't like this approach. They insisted that the potential jurors form 2 lines (1 per window). So, why didn't the sign say "Form 2 lines" instead of "Both windows open"? 2. The event began with an orientation by a judge. This seemed like a nice touch---getting some "executive" sponsorship for the event and making us feel halfway important.The judge spent most of the time telling us to be patient in order to endure the boredom inherent in the process. Why didn't he encourage us by telling us how important our role is in the judicial process? What about enlightenment theories of justice? Surely a more positive message would have been more appropriate. 3. There was an orientation video. Why wasn't that available on the Web before jury duty. Reviewing that the night before would have answered 90% of the questions people had.