Jury Duty and Communications (part 2)

Last time, I wrote about some of my observations at jury duty. Here are a couple more... 4. There is obviously a lot of waiting in the process. That's a necessary part of how the judicial process works, and there's no getting around that. The waiting could be made more enjoyable. Why not have free wireless in the waiting room? Plenty of people had their laptops and were trying to work while waiting. Why not a more comfortable room instead of an auditorium crammed full with people? 5. When an event happened, sometimes it was like American Idol. The woman would emerge from the mysterious office and walk to the podium. She would read names. Only at the end of the reading would she announce what these people could do: leave, eat lunch, etc. Why not set expectations better up-front? All of these suggestions are not meant to run down the process. It was overall fairly successful and non-tedious. But, why not try to actually make it enjoyable?