Welcome to Creative Thinking

Welcome to the next stage of the evolution of Synaxis. As we say on the main site, thinking matters. And by thinking we don't mean talking about thinking. We mean actual thinking. So, we have created this weblog. The goal of this blog is to share our thinking about the various topics that surround a company like Synaxis. Specifically, we will focus on Business Trends, Branding, Marketing, Design, Methodology, and Technology. We do not limit ourselves to tradition "subject matter" topics. We are interested just as much in human beings and their interaction as we are in the latest trends in marketing or technology. Naturally, this has a wide scope. But, so has Synaxis. The point about thinking is to know more and to connect what you know with other things you know. In other words, *systematic thinking* is the best. Systematic in the sense that ideas should connect to each other. And in the sense that ideas should connect to reality. With Synaxis Thinks, we are doing both. We are exploring the reasons for doing the work we do for our clients. And we are also thinking about how that work can be more satisfying and enjoyable for our clients. So, browse around and enjoy. This is the playground of ideas. And if you'd like to mention us on your blog, please do. Trackbacks always welcome.