Is Print Dead?

Back in November of last year, I considered whether To Print or Not to Print. At that time, I allowed that print has a role in a well-integrated communications strategy. Today, I'm wondering how viable the medium is.

Academic Marketing—Conclusion

We have spent a good deal of time thinking about Academic Marketing. We have analyzed what it is and discussed its current shortcomings. The final topic to be considered is the importance of academic marketing. Why do it?

What's Missing in Academic Marketing—Directness

Last time, we talked about how a failure to understand an audience's needs and desires can result in useless communication. This time, we'll address a more general point. Academic marketing is often too subtle.

What's Missing in Academic Marketing—Audience

Last time, we finished our review of the state of academic marketing. We concluded that there are three areas missing: an understanding of the audience, an understanding of motivation to action, and directness. This time we will review each of these shortcomings and discuss how to address them.
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