Should you really use a marketing automation tool?

Marketing automation tools (MAT) are all the rage; they're sophisticated pieces of technology that everyone can find useful to some degree. What’s true in theory, however, is not always true in fact. Introducing a marketing automation tool into your marketing and sales technology pipeline can result in unforeseen technology problems as well as unforeseen internal costs. I would like to introduce a way for you to think through whether you are ready for these tools, or if another technology choice might give you better return.

Disaster Planning for the Web

"Never let a good crisis go to waste." That’s the mantra a former operations vice president I worked with liked to use. She believed that crises themselves weren’t the problem, but rather our failure to learn from them. At Synaxis, our hearts and minds are with those from Wilmington to Boston, and New York to Detroit, who are struggling in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Indeed, two of our staff members work out of offices in Washington and New York City. But we are also ever mindful of the lessons that organizations should take from this disaster.

Disaster Planning for the Web

Most have learned their lesson about protecting their sites. It’s a good time for you to do your own check up and make sure that you have the proper level of redundancy built into your system.

OSS Thought Leaders: An Interview with Brian Proffitt

Today, Synaxis introduces a new monthly series of interviews, “OSS Thought Leaders.” The purpose is to give our readers and clients access to those thinkers who can describe the trends in OSS, help you better understand OSS’s value, and better deploy OSS in your organization. Today, we sit down with Brian Proffitt to discuss OSS security, licenses, costs, and the software’s surprising non-surprise.

Top 10 Trends in B2B Marketing

In B2B marketing, the free ride is over. That’s the unnerving upshot of a report issued earlier this year by Unica. Metrics demonstrating a connection between social network advertising and sales are the rule of the day. And hence, the need to align social network metrics against sales data means that free tools tied to particular programs are falling out of favor. Pressure to measure up internally isn’t the only thing driving B2B marketers. Consumers increasingly have the upper hand, and are making contact, with sellers. Capitalizing on in-bound marketing has become critical.

Synaxis Expands To Washington, D.C. With A Philosopher’s Touch For Marketing And Sales Technology

Synaxis is expanding to Washington, D.C. with philosopher-in-chief Paul Welty and his staff offering technology, marketing and sales solutions to East Coast organizations valuing out-of-the-box analytical thinking. Martin Davis, a 12-year Washingtonian with extensive experience in the nonprofit and association worlds, has been hired as Synaxis’ director of client services, nonprofit and government.

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