Professional Services Marketing

The professional services market is unique because not only do professional provide services (instead of products), their services often require a complex sale. That is, it's often not immediately clear where and how the professional service applies best to the client. For this reason, selling professional services can be particularly challenging. And when selling is complex, so is marketing.

Execution Needs Strategy

Last time, we talked about the importance of doing good strategy before execution. This time, we'll explore why that is.

Strategize Twice. Execute Once.

It's a common idea. Before you do any execution, do the strategy. Maybe it's too common. Because almost no one follows this simple advice.

Before the Law: Kafka's Google

In "Before the Law" (Vor dem Gesetz), Kafka's protagonist stands helpless in front of a gate. He can't move forward or back, and he doesn't know the rules for getting the gate opened. These days, it's Google who offers us such frustrations.

The Value Axis

All too often, we let our business drift away from what really matters... our clients and our customers. How can we tell this has happened and what can we do about it?
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