Are New Communication Tools Too Esoteric?

The new tools are pretty exciting. Podcasting, blogs, vcasting, and so on. And they aren't too hard to create for someone who is dedicated. But, are they easy to consume?

Does Size Matter?

It's a truism that an agency and a client must *fit*. What does this mean? And does it matter anymore?

Jury Duty and Communications

The other day, I had jury duty. It's pretty normal and unremarkable in itself. I did, however, make some interesting observations about their communications.

Generating Leads: Sales or Marketing?

Everyone knows that any successful business has an abundance of good, qualified leads. The question is how to get them. Who's responsible? Sales or Marketing?

One-to-One Marketing is Still Mass Marketing

Even if we could achieve one-to-one marketing in practice, and even if anyone wanted it, I maintain that it's still mass marketing. It is not possible to market at this level.
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