Is Podcasting the Next Newsletter?

For the last couple of years, podcasting has been steadily gaining in popularity. And the buzz is exceeding even that. As this medium emerges, what role can it play in business?

Why Design?

It's very popular these days to tout the rise of the design culture. For some, it's the stage past the information age. Even organizations need designing. What's at the root of this feeling?

Is Researching with Google a Good Idea?

It's easy to turn to Google for help, whether with reference information or a phone number. Indeed, the increasing use of Google to learn anything has led to the verb *googling*. But, is this a good thing?

What Do Clients Want?

Plenty of clients have problems, and there are plenty of companies to solve those problems. So, why does *that* company get the work for *that* company?
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