What's the Value of Branding? (Part 4)

Last time, we looked at how branding makes things cheaper. To wrap up our series on branding, we will consider the role of branding in furthering business goals. The last thing to keep in mind is the audience. The brand defines the first impression that the company will offer potential clients, customers, employees, and partners. It's important that the company communicate the appropriate things to this audience. It's possible to get cheap branding, but I don't think it can offer the level of quality that a company needs when defining its foundational communication. Cheaper branding is likely to result in projecting not just an inadequate message but also the *wrong* message. And these kinds of mis-communications can endanger the success of the business or make it much harder than necessary. A good brand actually makes it easier and faster to help the audience understand what you're doing, saving time and hassle, and increasing revenue.