If Specialization is Good, More of it is Better, Right?

Well, that seems to be the approach of this marketer! I found this advertisement on the wall of a public restroom—the height of interruption marketing. Luckily, I was able to ironically peruse their ads with my cold, marketing eye. And I was in luck! What a description for your company. I can imagine the creative discussion between the writer and business owner.

Writer: So, we need to nail down your specialty so we can communicate about it.

Owner: What, just one thing?

Writer: Well, maybe 2. But, no more.

Owner: Won't we limit the number of customers who will use us if we limit it?

Writer: No. It will increase because those who want exactly what you do will go to you first.

Owner: I don't buy it. If we have to say we specialize, then say we specialize in everything!