Launch of the National Diagnostics Website

National Diagnostics has long been a leader in providing innovative products for the scientific community. Their website, however, left much to be desired for their customers. Navigation was an issue, and some products were harder to find within their vast selection. In April 2012, they launched a new website with an enhanced Drupal design and other advanced features to make their interface easier to use and more functional.

One new design element users may notice is an easy to read menu which makes finding specific products easier. Hover over any element on this menu, and new “mega menu” drops down for even more tailored browsing. Bright colors add to the effect by easily separating sections for easier navigation. Customers can also use the search box to type in specific products or information they want to find, or even specific types of content. In return, a list is displayed with organized content links along with the type of content being presented.

There is also tons of new information on the site, including product listings, articles on various scientific topics related to the products, and a section for international users. This gives customers a more comfortable buying experience because research is readily available to inform them about all products and their various scientific uses. Customers can buy with confidence, or get useful information on the items they are considering to learn more about their proper use.

Added to the new navigation features is a clean layout that isn’t cluttered with graphics. It also doesn’t have “fancy” features that can often slow down loading times, such as excessive Flash.

An additional navigation menu can be found at the bottom of each page with links to the company’s history and contact information to make this information easy to find for those who have questions.

About National Diagnostics

National Diagnostics is a principle world source for the development and manufacture of chemicals and related products for scientific research. We are particularly proud of the innovations we have made to improve laboratory safety and reduce the environmental impact of research. The National Diagnostics label on any product is an assurance of the highest level of quality and that all raw materials and finished products adhere to the most stringently controlled specifications. In addition, National Diagnostics products are designed with an emphasis on minimizing hazards, incorporating environmentally friendly features such as low toxicity, biodegradable solvents wherever possible. In combination with our exceptional technical and customer service staff, these products allow our customers to pursue scientific research in the knowledge that they are using the best, most reliable, safest products available. For more information, visit

About Synaxis

Synaxis integrated marketing applies leading-edge thinking to expand business with existing and potential customers. Only when you can understand and measure your revenue generation activities can you select appropriate tactics. We develop and manage custom, integrated marketing and sales processes, tools, and reporting for b2b, nonprofit, and academic organizations. Our goal is to provide you with a fully integrated marketing and sales pipeline in order to facilitate measurement of marketing and sales activities and projects. For more information, visit