Being a Good Client Gets You Better Service

Seth Godin identifies the importance of audience participation. At first, I thought he was going to call out a well-known but never discussed secret of why some clients get good service and some poor. Since he didn't, I will. In managing, teaching, or delivering consulting services it's all the same. Take teaching (as Seth Godin mentioned). The most attentive kids get the most attention. And more attention makes you a better student. It just keeps on building. Same thing in management. The best employees give their manager the most attention. And then they get the most attention in return. Their skills, and their "stock" at the company, rise quickly. And here's the secret part. The most attentive clients get the most attention from their consultants, agencies, and vendors. For the most part, consultants, agencies, and vendors really enjoy what they do. They even think that what they do is important. And they believe that what they're doing will help their clients. Because of this great desire, a consultant responds with fervor when a client shows real interest and attention to the service. Being a good client gets you better service. And the contrary is also true. Being a bad client gets you worse service. The interesting corollary is that if you give more attention, you deserve more success. To be engaged is a vote from your conscience. It's an acknowledgment that you understand and value the service. When you show that, you show respect. And when you show respect to a professional, you activate and encourage that person. Your respect earns you better service.