Synaxis named top cloud contributor

A really thorough, nice (unsolicited) article from one of our clients mentions our Drupal hosting, support, and maintenance offering:

As Drupal users, our natural cloud choice would seem to be Acquia, the best-known cloud-based Drupal offering. But good grief, Acquia wanted a crap load of money or its pricing was too confusing for us simple software developer folk. I tweeted in protest and the company said that if we were happy with an SLA that was less than what we needed, then the price wasn't so bad.

Synaxis CEO Paul Welty engaged me on Twitter, and for about $9k, we got what we needed. As far as I can tell, this is better than what Acquia offered, but Acquia has weird sliders and stuff that don't tell me whether I can get with some kind of 24/7 SLA. When our engineers tried to get a quote, it was something like $25,000 for our two sites (our DBA Bull City Mobile is used for mobile applications).

We've had outstanding service and performance with Synaxis. The company was also very helpful and supportive when we subsequently relaunched our website.

You can read the full article here