Before the Law: Kafka's Google

In "Before the Law" (Vor dem Gesetz), Kafka's protagonist stands helpless in front of a gate. He can't move forward or back, and he doesn't know the rules for getting the gate opened. These days, it's Google who offers us such frustrations. The Google search engine is no doubt a powerful thing. Its index of sites is unparalleled. And this creates enormous pressure to be included in the index. If you're not included, or not included sufficiently, then you're left out. You don't have exposure. Everyone needs to be included. Or rather, everyone feels the need to be included. Yet, if you're not included, there are few recourses. Google says you can submit a site for indexing... and they might index it. You can request inclusion, and you might be included. There is no clear, straightfoward way to get in the index. Most people do, eventually, but it can take months, especially for a new site. This leaves you before the law. You desire to pass through the portal, but the silent sentry gives nothing but obscure information and direction.