Why Drupal?

Drupal is an excellent resource for building websites that are scalable and search engine friendly. Drupal provides a wonderful alternative to plain HTML web pages or Dreamweaver templates. Drupal enables nontechnical users the ability to add and edit content without needing to know HTML. There are other reasons that make Drupal a wonderful choice for content management. Some of the top reasons are: Advanced URL Control--Drupal offers users the ability to control the URL structure of the site without having to alter code or utilize a plug-in. Meta Tags & Titles-Drupal offers users the ability to exercise complete control over the HTML <title> elements of any page. Advanced Categories-The taxonomy system native to Drupal is an extremely powerful tool allowing site owners the ability to control categories according to section. Categories are available in hierarchical forms, as well single and parent category options. Custom Content Types & Views-Managing the custom content types and views are simple for Drupal users. Drupal offers the advantage of using the Content Construction Kit and Views modules to allow for the easy creation of new content types and custom views. Users can accomplish all of this without having to compile any code. Editing & Revision Control-Drupal can be easily configured to save the newest version of any page each time a page is edited. This feature offers users the ability to view and revert to previous versions of pages as necessary. Extensive User Management-Drupal was designed for community-based projects and offers a great deal of user role and access functions. Drupal offers the option to create as many custom user roles and access levels as needed. PHP Templating Options-Drupal uses a theme engine that most users find to be easier to use than the templating options offered by Wordpress. No knowledge of PHP is necessary to adjust themes. Complete Documentation-Drupal provides excellent documentation through official handbooks, tutorials, blogs, videos, and pod casts. Cookbooks & Code-Finding and adding features that aren't native to Drupal is easy. Drupal offers an area of user created code snippets on its site. All of the aforementioned features are wonderful reasons for using Drupal. However, one of the best features offered by Drupal is the large and friendly community maintained on site. The forums are highly active and help requests seem to be readily attended to. Drupal is an excellent community building resource for novice site owners and seasoned pros.