What cloud computing really means for marketers

Cloud computing is very popular these days. To some marketers it might seem like a phase that the industry is going through. There are many reasons how cloud computing can be leverage your business ahead of competitors. So instead of waiting for this "phase" to be over, use cloud computing to automate your marketing campaigns. Cloud computing is used to differentiate serious industry players from everyone else. Cloud computing uses third-party infrastructure and software through the Internet by way of a web browser. Here are five reasons why it is just makes sense to automate your marketing tools using cloud computing:

Increased Savings and More Cost-Effective

Cloud computing consists of third-party subscription-based software. By using it, you only have to buy what you need. A third-party vendor handles the general maintenance of the technology. In return, a tremendous savings of time and money is transferred to your company. As a result, the cost for cloud computing is then only seen as an operational expenditure, instead of a more expensive capital expense.

More Data Control

Using cloud computing to run marketing allows greater data control. It eliminates the past habits of storing marketing information and data across different service providers and agencies. By just using just one service provider, you allow all of your marketing agencies to access to data using the same software applications.

Market at the Speed of Light

Well not really, but deploying applications using a web browser is much faster than older, traditional methods. Some software deployments can be up and running within weeks, compared to months (or years) for some other deployments. Businesses that spend more time on deployment than is necessary can lose out on leads and sales. Since it is deployed faster, cloud computing also provides a faster path to receiving return, taking less time to setup.

Less Risky Business

Have you really considered the level of risk when using cloud technology as a marketer? It provides a high value for money. By using SaaS, you eliminate the need to buy licenses or install software on your company computers. Not only are the costs to switch low, but it can be completed without disruption to current business operations. This all translates into a reduced level of risk for you, with an increased amount of advantages.


Sometimes we wish that all of your business operations were automated. The great benefit of using cloud computing is now your business marketing is no longer limited by distance or location. You can work anywhere there is an Internet connection. The technology also updates itself. So obtain the leverage you need to do what you know best, and that is marketing.