Our goal is to provide you with an integrated, measurable, optimized marketing and sales pipeline. At Synaxis, we help you put your customers and constituents at the center of all your revenue generating departments. When sales and marketing processes are aligned, the entire revenue generation system operates more efficiently.

Step 1: Marketing and Sales Alignment

As the key pre-delivery areas, sales and marketing are essential and interrelated parts of the revenue generation process. If sales and marketing work together, revenue generation is greatly enhanced. Yet, these groups often work isolated from each other, pursuing different goals and approaches to the overall process of generating revenue. So, when they do interact to handoff leads, it’s often ineffective or even conflict-ridden. Poor lead handoff between sales and marketing can reduce revenue and increase costs.

Sales and marketing alignment seeks to connect these isolated departments to each other. This typically takes the form of determining the processes, procedures, and definitions that make up the marketing-to-sales lead handoff. When marketing and sales share the same understanding of which leads are sales-ready, the pipeline can be executed much more efficiently. In this sense, each department is left to its own devices, except where they interact with each other.

This solution is good as far as it goes. The result of this solution is to enhance the efficiency of the interaction, but it doesn’t address the efficiency of each department. At Synaxis, we improve this approach by aligning both marketing and sales to the customer. When this happens, all the processes in these departments become naturally aligned with each other. In addition, each group becomes more efficient and more focused on the client. Customer-centered thinking starts with understanding the audiences and their needs, rather than considering them as potential deals. This means that the revenue generation process at your company is oriented to creating value for your customer, even before they are your customer at all.

When sales and marketing processes are aligned, the entire revenue generation system operates more efficiently. Fewer leads are lost, more deals are closed faster, fewer salespeople are needed, and revenue is increased.


Dashboards and Analytics

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Data Integration

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CRM Configuration and Optimization

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Marketing Automation

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Drupal Website Design

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Drupal Website Development

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Drupal Hosting, Support, and Maintenance

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