Marketing, sales, communications, and operations all depend on quality, up-to-date content. Creating, editing, and posting this content, at the quality and quantity required is a substantial challenge. Yet, as content needs have increased, few of us have the luxury anymore of being able to call on the skills of a full-time in-house writer to produce what’s required.


Synaxis Forklift content development makes content creation and management much easier. Using an interface from our custom Drupal module, you can manage your queue of custom content from your Drupal website.

There is no minimum or maximum amount of content that you can order. There is no minimum charge, and you pay only for the content you use, not for what you order. Moreover, you never have to interview writers or look at sample content. The timeline is guaranteed and so is the work.

We have taken away all the challenges of creating content, so you can focus on your plans and strategies. The result is that you can plan and receive all the content you need to make your website as robust and up-to-date as your strategy requires.


When you signup for Forklift, we first install the module on your site. Then, once you get a customer number, you will setup your profile. The content profile will define the following:

  • Industries that the content is for
  • Audience type (specialists or general public)
  • Writing voice and tone
  • Additional general guidelines for your content

Proving this information ensures that the content is as close as possible to what you need. Beyond these options, our writers learn from your feedback and thus provide more and more accurate drafts over time.

Available Content Types

You can order content of the following types:

  • Blog post
  • Article
  • White paper
  • Press release
  • General web page content, e.g. about us page, history page, and so on


Since the Forklift functionality is integrated into your website, there is no need to log into another site or remember another login. In addition, the integration makes it unnecessary to perform tedious cut-and-paste operations to get the new content into your website.

At any time, right from your website, you can see listings of current content and finished content. And you can review, approve, or import content from the same interface.


All content development follows this process:

  • Order new content from your Drupal website using the “order content” form. You will be asked to supply the following information: topic, outline, notes, and delivery timeframe needed
  • Once the first draft is complete, you should review it and either a) approve it, or b) request edits.
  • If you request edits, you will wait another period while the edits are made.
  • Once the piece is complete, you will review it again and either a) accept it, or b) reject it. If you accept it, you will be charged, and if you don’t accept it, you won’t be charged.
  • Once the piece is accepted, you can then choose to import the content into your website directly from the site.


Pricing varies depending on the type, length, and focus on the content as well as on the type of audience. Generally, content costs between $100 and $600 per piece.