Education stands at the cutting edge of open source adoption, and we have been there leading the way for major private and public universities, as well as education advocacy groups. Our experts—all with masters’ and/or PhDs in their respective fields—approach your work thoughtfully and with the level of nuance you expect.

Innovative Information Architecture: Understanding how people move through your site is as important to your web presence as the content on it. We analyze your user base via direct conversations and surveys to determine how they will respond to a range of navigation solutions, then deliver innovative wireframes, taxonomies, and site maps. [[Add link to GT online course offering case study]

Tracking: We go beyond tracking basic data to help you leverage information to improve overall performance—whether Google Analytics, e-mail analysis, or monetary activity, there are distinctive solutions to capture your tracking needs.

Flexible Hosting Options: Hosting needs, like web traffic, fluctuate greatly in education circles. We have unique solutions for handling the fluctuations in your traffic.

Consumer-praised Design: Winning awards is great, but winning our client’s praise is more important. Our design, with your full collaboration, is targeted at helping you reach your users’ goals.