Association websites, like the organizations they serve, play many roles—disseminating information via text, audio, and video; collecting dues and managing member relationships; posting and selling items ranging from t-shirts and trinkets to books and meeting events. Though proprietary programs have long ruled this arena, many associations are moving to open source platforms to take advantage of the greatly enhanced flexibility and significantly lower operating costs. Synaxis is expert at bringing these open source tools to play for all aspects of association life.

Membership Management: Synaxis will work with you to find the best CRM solution for your membership management needs, whether it be a traditional proprietary platform such as SalesForce, or an open source platform such as CiviCRM, Sugar, or Zoho.

Sales and Marketing: According to ASAE, on average more than a third of the funds associations need to survive come from direct sales of merchandise. From marketing to e-commerce, Synaxis works with you to find the best solutions that move your association forward.

Tracking: We go beyond tracking basic data to help you leverage information to improve overall performance—whether Google Analytics, e-mail analysis, or monetary activity, there are distinctive solutions to capture your tracking needs.

Flexible Hosting Options: Hosting needs, like web traffic, fluctuate greatly in education circles. We have unique solutions for handling the fluctuations in your traffic.

Dynamic Design: Each association is different; so, too, each one’s design needs. Whatever your focus, Synaxis will work with you to find a solution that highlights and promotes the areas in which you excel.