In an age where “doing more with less” has moved from mantra to accepted wisdom, nonprofits are working harder than most to find innovative ways to leverage the internet to accomplish their goals in a way that is both impactful and fiscally responsible.  Synaxis works collaboratively with you to discover your needs and to build an open source solution that fits. The advantages to nonprofits of developing in open source are significant.

  • No Licensing Fees. Because Drupal is an open source platform, there is no licensing fee associated with it. The only costs are those to develop the site.
  • Easily updatable. Drupal is a user-intuitive Content Management System (CMS) that requires minimal training to master.
  • Longevity. Proprietary platforms that carry users’ fees cannot be updated readily or on the client’s schedule. Drupal can be updated easily by adding modules that carry only the cost of development to implement. You do not need to wait for a software update should you decide to integrate a new technology that may emerge down the road, or integrate features as your needs change. The greatly extends the life of the website and by allowing you to add technologies that you choose on your time schedule.
  • Search Engine Optimization. Unlike proprietary programs and most other open source solutions, Drupal’s “out of the box” features include the ability to automatically format your site for optimal SEO capabilities.
  • User Management. Drupal allows as many users as you wish, and gives you complete control over what these users can and cannot do on the site. This makes managing permissions simple and comes standard out of the box.
  • Extensibility. Easily add third-party modules to extend functionality of the site without having to create expensive, hard-to-maintain custom code.

Coupling open source’s power with Synaxis’ professional team yields additional benefits.

Dynamic Design: Each association is different; so, too, each one’s design needs. Whatever your focus, Synaxis will work with you to find a solution that highlights and promotes the areas in which you excel.

Flexible Hosting Options: Hosting needs, like web traffic, fluctuate greatly in education circles. We have unique solutions for handling the fluctuations in your traffic.

Migration: Whether carrying over large amounts of reports or videos or podcasts, donor information or mailing lists, migrating your information to a new site is critical. Done improperly, data migration can wreck the best-designed sites. Synaxis developers are experts in migration and will ensure the job is done correctly.