Sushil Sharma serves as Technology Director of Synaxis, an Atlanta-based strategic marketing, brand-ing, and technology firm. Sushil has more than 9 years of experience in developing applications, plan-ning projects, analyzing applications, and designing solutions. He is experienced in designing project workflow so that businesses continue to work smoothly as the technical requirements for their projects come online. This ensures no costly disruptions to business during project development. Sushil is experienced with a range of business organizations and their online needs across a variety of platforms, allowing him to handle online and offline projects for companies engaged in information tech-nology, banking and finance, insurance, print media, market research, NGOs, and logistics. Sushil has worked on large web projects for HortConnections, Indian state Government, ICICI Group, Reliance Communication, Allard Electronics Supply, Evolution marketing, Verayo, 2BuyA Ltd and Achieve. Sushil has a B.Sc.-Mathematics from Vinoba Bhave University in India, a Master of Computer Appliction degree from IGNOU University, also in India; and a Master of Business Administration degree from Southern Methodist University.