Securing Your Drupal Site

Drupal is a versatile content management system that is used for a wide variety of purposes on the web.  As one of the largest open source projects in the world, with thousands of developers contributing code, maintaing a proper security posture has become paramount. 

Marketing Foundations: The Positioning Statement

Promotion for B2B companies has become multi-faceted, given the attention paid by marketing experts to SEO, social media, and mobile technology. These promotion discussions tend to revolve around how companies can get more exposure and traffic. However, there is an important aspect of promotion that some B2B companies tend to overlook: how a company is positioned.

Who is Making Your Marketing Decisions?

Beware of specialist, tactical companies disguised as strategic marketing advisors. While these firms provide important components within strategic marketing initiatives, relying on them for comprehensive marketing advice may put your marketing strategy at risk.

Why Your Marketing and Sales Intelligence Dashboard May Not Be Effective

Business intelligence dashboards have been around since the eighties but the jury is still out as to whether these "intelligence" tools are effective at delivering better results. Over the past few years, enterprise managers have adopted marketing and sales dashboards as a way of measuring performance of their marketing and sales teams. Most popular preconfigured models provide a screen full of graphs, tables, and other visual aids which depict real-time outputs. However, out-of-the-box products don't often provide data in a manner that optimizes performance.

Marketing Foundations: Database Marketing

One typically under-utilized asset possessed by most B2B companies is their database. Whether that database is a snail-mailing list, email list or social media following, the capacity to contact interested people must be harnessed as a part of a complete promotional plan. It is assumed that management already has a reliable, easy to understand tracking system in place. However, the dilemma lies in how a B2B company can utilize a contact list, since it is extremely rare when a received message leads directly to a purchase.
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