Your Sales Team Should Take a Page From Marketing

Sales and marketing teams continue to compete over the same leads. A major step towards successfully implementing the available tools that can help improve sales is to tear down the wall that separates the two disciplines.

Nothing Works Best For B2B Lead Qualification

Typically there is no single answer to the challenges today's competitors face. Such is the case with lead qualification strategies. There are common hurdles to overcome, such as data sharing among legacy systems, but lead qualification is a practice that is nuanced by the diversity of the markets you serve.

Nonprofit Marketers Can Learn from B2B

Nonprofit marketers are facing new pressures as the economy continues to struggle. Competition for contributions is fierce, and relying on established networks is no longer a guaranteed path to success. Instead, nonprofit leaders are adopting a growth mindset, looking for new and engaging ways to stay out in front of potential donors. The B2B market has faced the same issues, and the tools and tricks they’ve used successfully have relevance for today’s nonprofit managers.

Quality a Big Consideration in List Sourcing

Top quality data is the key to running a business effectively. The quality of the data in a list can make or break a company. Lists comprised of inaccurate or outdated data mean wasted time and wasted money. Additionally, following the leads on such a list is inefficient, and unfruitful. Quality is a big consideration in list sourcing. It is vital to manage and update the data from lists regularly. Otherwise, the likelihood of generating any revenue from lists is virtually nil.
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