What cloud computing really means for marketers

Cloud computing uses third-party infrastructure and software through the Internet by way of a web browser. Here are five reasons why it is just makes sense to automate your marketing tools using cloud computing.

Nonprofit Marketers Can Learn from B2B

Nonprofit marketers are facing new pressures as the economy continues to struggle. Competition for contributions is fierce, and relying on established networks is no longer a guaranteed path to success. Instead, nonprofit leaders are adopting a growth mindset, looking for new and engaging ways to stay out in front of potential donors. The B2B market has faced the same issues, and the tools and tricks they’ve used successfully have relevance for today’s nonprofit managers.

Growing into Change: Push the Pain

By Paul Welty

  Drupal has quickly become one of the most powerful, expansive open source programs for building complex business and nonprofit websites. The White House, the prime minister of Australia, Universal Music, the Emmys, and Greenpeace UK are just some of the high-profile organizations that have turned to Drupal to manage their web presence.

Marketing as a Service (MaaS)

With all of the buzz around cloud computing and the introduction of the SaaS (Software as a Service) method of business, it just makes sense that other industries should follow these ideas. This is where Synaxis comes in. Why couldn’t marketing work in the same way?

Marketing ROI should be higher than Sales ROI

If you’re a business owner, you probably keep a close watch on sales return on investment for all of your products or campaigns. But how closely are you watching your marketing ROI? Most business owners don’t realize that they need to monitor marketing return on investment just as closely, if not closer, than sales return on investment. If you’re not, there’s no way to truly gauge how well the business is doing.

Is B2E the next frontier?

We all know about B2C and B2B communications. You might even know about G2C. But what about B2E? Are we missing the boat?

Understanding Strategies, Tactics and Measurement

Strategy and tactics are two of the most common terms in the marketing world. Yet, perhaps because they are so common, it’s hard to know what they really mean. The trouble with this is two major challenges. If we don’t know what these things really are, then how can we evaluate them?
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