Is B2E the next frontier?

We all know about B2C and B2B communications. You might even know about G2C. But what about B2E? Are we missing the boat? Communication with your employees is usually a half-hearted operation. On both sides. To be sure, there are certain things that employees need to know. And there is information that the employees needs, too. Often, this exchange is perfunctory. But, is there a way to enliven this process? I'm not talking about team building exercises or issues meetings. I'm thinking about how we can enhance the information flow (both ways) so that the employee's (work) life is better _and_ the company's operations are improved. Primitve examples of this sort of communication are sales force automation (SFA), customer relationship management (CRM), and (typically executive) dashboards. All these tools are slowly migrating across the enterprise as ways of sharing information. But, even if these tools were perfected and fully adopted (we're not in danger of either of these events), I don't think we'd have 10% of what's needed to move operations to a new level. In order to move operations to a new level, we need a dynamically adaptive communication system. Something like a _semantic intranet_. We have just in time, just in place logistics, why don't we have that in information flow? And beyond mere delivery, why don't we have just in time conversations? And just in time meetings? Many of the barriers to this sort of thing are cultural. Many people dislike or even resist change. There are also technology challenges. Implementing tools like this oftern require upgrading your infrastructure as well as your staff. But, someone in your market isn't resisting. Someone is adopting these tools and thus is outpacing you. And so this isn't optional, if you want to not just survive but thrive in your market. Creating a free-flowing information infrastructure is the first step to exponential growth.