Public Relations and Community Marketing

Spending valuable staff time on social media engagement or fiscal resources on media advertising for branding campaigns is not common in many B2B companies. This is understandable; the ROI on either investment is difficult to track. But management can and should engage in public relations campaigns. The capital and human resource costs of PR campaigns are more conducive to the B2B sales cycle. Even if you have to become your own PR representative, it's possible to build a positive brand in your industry with a consistent media.

Marketing As Education

Selling to businesses generally means longer sales cycles. Prospective clients will need to walk through multiple approvals in their own companies before agreeing to purchase, so it's important that you, as the seller, build multiple relationships within the prospective company. This is a significant challenge. Educating potential clients is one of the most effective methods for building interest in their companies and gaining their trust.

Learn to effectively measure ROI. Get your metrics on!

Does ROI Really matter?

Many businesses use ROI to determine which projects to pursue and which projects should be abandoned. This is the basis that most boards use to determine the effectiveness of any particular project. After all, everyone must be held accountable financially and if projects aren't bringing in revenue, they shouldn't be pursued, right?

What cloud computing really means for marketers

Cloud computing is very popular these days. To some marketers it might seem like a phase that the industry is going through. There are many reasons how cloud computing can be leverage your business ahead of competitors. So instead of waiting for this "phase" to be over, use cloud computing to automate your marketing campaigns. Cloud computing is used to differentiate serious industry players from everyone else. Cloud computing uses third-party infrastructure and software through the Internet by way of a web browser. Here are five reasons why it is just makes sense to automate your marketing tools using cloud computing:

The 5 Most Common Problems in Open Source Software Development

Many software developers are already switching from proprietary to open source software due to the latter's numerous benefits. Such software is incredibly flexible and can be developed at a lower cost than the former. However, open source software development may not be as easy as it sounds. There are several problems you may encounter as you develop your own software. Here are 5 of the most common problems which you need to brace yourself for:

Migrating from SharePoint to Drupal

Many businesses use SharePoint to build internal and external websites. This system offers the ability to create wikis, search functions and websites all in one package. However, SharePoint has some serious limitations that developers need to keep in mind:

Online Interaction: Getting Real

A key buzz phrase around the Synaxis offices is "making it real." By this, we mean we are committed to make real technologically what our clients envision in their minds when we are hired.

Don't Sabotage Your CRM

The great literary author and poet Henry David Thoreau once wrote, "Our life is frittered away by detail. Simplify, simplify." At the time, Thoreau did not know he was eloquently speaking words of wisdom to the CRM industry.
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