Why Drupal?

Drupal is an excellent resource for building websites that are scalable and search engine friendly. Drupal provides a wonderful alternative to plain HTML web pages or Dreamweaver templates. Drupal enables nontechnical users the ability to add and edit content without needing to know HTML. There are other reasons that make Drupal a wonderful choice for content management. Some of the top reasons are: Advanced URL Control--Drupal offers users the ability to control the URL structure of the site without having to alter code or utilize a plug-in. Meta Tags & Titles-Drupal offers users the ability to exercise complete control over the HTML <title> elements of any page. Advanced Categories-The taxonomy system native to Drupal is an extremely powerful tool allowing site owners the ability to control categories according to section. Categories are available in hierarchical forms, as well single and parent category options. Custom Content Types & Views-Managing the custom content types and views are simple for Drupal users. Drupal offers the advantage of using the Content Construction Kit and Views modules to allow for the easy creation of new content types and custom views. Users can accomplish all of this without having to compile any code. Editing & Revision Control-Drupal can be easily configured to save the newest version of any page each time a page is edited. This feature offers users the ability to view and revert to previous versions of pages as necessary.

Guidelines for Buying a Marketing Automation Tool

Having a Marketing Automation tool for your company is beneficial for increasing both the efficiency and revenue for your marketing department. If the software program is used correctly, it can measure what is working for your company and help eliminate what isn't working. There are certain requirements for a successful marketing automation tool.

New Changes to Science Standards Focus on Science Literacy and Involvement

The final draft of the new guidelines for K-12 science education, the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), were unveiled on April 9th.  These new, voluntary standards identify the key science and engineering content that students will need to be aware of to be successful in later college and careers.

5 Drupal Security Tips

Despite its high level of security, it is still vulnerable to certain types of security problems. Many of the potential security problems are preventable
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