Migrating from SharePoint to Drupal

Many businesses use SharePoint to build internal and external websites. This system offers the ability to create wikis, search functions and websites all in one package. However, SharePoint has some serious limitations that developers need to keep in mind:

Creating an Article Directory with Drupal

Drupal is hailed as a reliable, extensible content management system.  Its open source format means that if you need to perform a unique task, you can download a module extension or write one yourself.  This ability to adapt and grow gives Drupal a leg up over proprietary software such as Microsoft SharePoint.

What's new in Drupal 8

Drupal is a popular open source software (OSS)  for website development and design, which undergoes frequent version upgrades and is on its way to Drupal 8.

Take Bias Out of the Equation with Analytics

Most people think they are more valuable than results suggest. This is true for most areas of life, whether you’re talking about
driving skills (93% of drivers believed they were better than others) or in careers (68% of teachers surveyed rated themselves in the top 25%). This is
particularly true among Type-A personalities found in sales, and the reason analyzing data behind new campaigns is so important.

5 Methods for Measuring Your Nurturing Program

Lead nurturing is extremely valuable. Lead nurturing ensures that long-term leads and qualified prospects are not lost between marketing and sales. Effective measurement of your nurturing program is critical, and knowing when to measure is equally important. Outlined below are five keys to measuring and evaluating your lead nurturing initiative.

Securing Your Drupal Site

As one of the largest open source projects in the world, with thousands of developers contributing code, maintaing a proper security posture has become paramount.

Misunderstanding Open Source – It's Not Free

Ask a random person what they think about open source software (OSS) and they are liable to tell you that it is free software--source code that anyone can use and edit.  They are only partly right, and they are wrong about a major issue – OSS is not free by any means, but it is usually cheaper than proprietary software.

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