Why Drupal?

There are other reasons that make Drupal a wonderful choice for content management.

When to Measure

Effective measurement of your nurturing program is critical, and knowing when to measure is equally important. Outlined below are five keys to measuring and evaluating your lead nurturing initiative.

Should you really use a marketing automation tool?

Marketing automation tools (MAT) are all the rage; they're sophisticated pieces of technology that everyone can find useful to some degree. What’s true in theory, however, is not always true in fact. Introducing a marketing automation tool into your marketing and sales technology pipeline can result in unforeseen technology problems as well as unforeseen internal costs.

How Much Should You Spend On Marketing?

How much should you spend on marketing? It is likely this question is the most asked question in the history of business. There really is no real answer for this question. The solution is different for every business. There is no magic number.

Is SaaS Disintegrating Your Data?

While SaaS does offer useful IT resources at a great price, data integration do still remain one of its biggest challenges. Proper data integration means adding a new cloud source and consumers to your current IT environment. This usually done using on-demand data integration tactics that require your business to be able to query data on the web through security tools such firewalls and to understand the SaaS provider's API.

Is SaaS Disintegrating Your Data?

The increased scalability of SaaS was inevitable. It started with the boom in open source and web-based applications fueling this fire. It was also coupled with the increase in more developers having access to more services to build SaaS apps. This also included a change in vendor strategies for data migration, replication and synchronization. So instead of integration being harder to complete, users who lacked technical skills could now perform key integration tasks such as extraction, transformation and validation of data. This disintegration has made SaaS applications more simple and led to a higher level of scalability.

If Specialization is Good, More of it is Better, Right?

Well, that seems to be the approach of this marketer! I found this advertisement on the wall of a public restroom—the height of interruption marketing. Luckily, I was able to ironically peruse their ads with my cold, marketing eye. And I was in luck! What a description for your company.

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