3 Reasons Why it is Smart Business to Invest in a Quality Logo

Graphic designers know them well: the professionals needing a corporate identity yesterday and thinking that it should cost less than a dinner for two. In response, there is no shortage of web sites meeting this demand with next day “custom logo designs” for the low, low price of $99. But purchasing a preexisting logo template from an online logo factory is a big mistake. Investing in a quality logo is just good business. Here are three reasons why: 1. You Get the Logo You Pay For If you don't spend the money for a functional logo now, you will end up paying for it in the long run. Think of a logo design as the nucleus or underlying structure of any design collateral within a company, including business cards, ads, brochures, web sites, etc. A poorly designed logo will contribute to a poorly designed business card that is not representative of your company. Your logo design will control the direction of any current and future marketing and branding efforts. By paying for a solid logo now, you can avoid the expense of redesign after redesign in the future. 2. Your Logo is Your First Impression Your logo is the very first impression people get of your company. In fact, your logo will communicate with potential clients before you have ever even met them. They have the ability to act like magic mirrors in a fun house. A good logo makes your company appear professional, capable, and smart. A bad one can give your company the appearance of being unprofessional, incapable, and dull. How do you want the world to see you? 3. Your Logo Can Make You Money A solid logo is much more than an illustration. It requires extensive behind-the-scenes research, analysis and strategy. A successful logo is always working for you. At first glance, it immediately communicates your company’s brand attributes, such as honesty and dependability, or cutting-edge technology. And, over time, your logo also builds brand recognition for your company. Who can think of McDonalds without thinking of the golden arches? Because of this, a strategic and well-executed logo will help you get potential clients in the door. Value your logo. It can make you money.