Branding: It Might Not Win You Sales But It Sure Can Lose Them

As a marketer and brander, I support good branding and argue for it when I can. One of the counterarguments is that branding doesn't make any sales. I think this is true as far as it goes. Very few people will make a purchase solely on the basis of good branding. But, this isn't the reason to do branding. Good branding is built up over time supported by good delivery, good value, etc. So, for one, good branding alone is not what people buy. They buy a good brand. So, to ask for the value of a branding campaign is a mistake. You should ask for the value of the brand. That aside, the most important goal of branding is to not lose you sales. When a potential customer is evaluating options, they are giving each provider a quick look. At the moment your company gets the look, you need to keep the customer from turning away. You don't need to make a sale. You just need to stay in the running. A good brand will keep you in the running. A bad brand will lose you the sale. At worst, your failure to make a quick good impression will take you out of consideration for good. At best, a bad brand will immediately create an unnecessary hurdle for you. Your marketing and sales will have to overcome this hurdle before you can close the deal. And why create more work for yourself? Next time you're working on your brand, ask yourself what you could be losing.