Your Sales Team Should Take a Page From Marketing

Sales and marketing teams continue to compete over the same leads. A major step towards successfully implementing the available tools that can help improve sales is to tear down the wall that separates the two disciplines.

Shorten the BtoB Sales Cycle Through Content

You can cut days or even weeks off a buyer's cycle with a single tool---content. Content that attracts, informs, educates, advocates, entertains, and supports buying decisions.

Nothing Works Best For B2B Lead Qualification

Typically there is no single answer to the challenges today's competitors face. Such is the case with lead qualification strategies. There are common hurdles to overcome, such as data sharing among legacy systems, but lead qualification is a practice that is nuanced by the diversity of the markets you serve.

5 Key Ways to Measure (and Predict) Sales Force Productivity

5 Key Ways to Measure (and Predict) Sales Force ProductivityMeeting aggressive sales goals requires more than just a dynamic sales team. It also requires you to do your homework in advance and gain an in-depth view of your company’s operational characteristics. This is where sales force productivity enters the revenue equation. You need salespeople who meet specific quotas and performance goals, reaching competitive preeminence, expanding market share and increasing sales.

How Business Dashboards Can Optimize Sales and Marketing Pipelines

How Business Dashboards Can Optimize Sales and Marketing PipelinesIn today's marketplace being organized is imperative to stay competitive. Managers want to be able to analyze sales metrics and track performance of existing campaigns without having to sort through mountains of paperwork and reports. Business dashboards can streamline data, and unlike "scorecard" type reports, can drill down to one sales process such as conversions for an email campaign in real time.

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