A More Intelligent Notion of Authenticity

Earlier, we talked about how the current understanding of brand authenticity is inadequate. This time, we'll outline a more intelligent notion of authenticity. The traditional notion of authenticity fails because it assumes that there is a core self or brand that needs to be effectively expressed in the world. My approach is more sophisticated. Authenticity still depends on a notion of the "true self". But, this true self is not some isolated core. In my sense, the self/brand is an interaction between the self/brand and the world. The true self arises only in encountering the "outside" world. In this way, the self is not a hard core. It's a dynamic, changing, and permeable set of meanings---meanings that are always already integrated into the meaning-systems of the world around it. Because of this, authenticity is not the expression of some fixed core. Authenticity is also a dynamic, interactive process. It is not the simple activity of matching up a meaning to a core. Rather, authenticity is the process of becoming---becoming who you already are.