What's the Value of Branding? (Part 1)

Branding is most expensive, most cost-effective, and least understood discipline. In the next 4 articles, I will advance 3 arguments for why it's worth investing the right amount in branding.

Market Position Archetype?

The position chart is ubiquitous. A set of X and Y axes representing 2 dimensions in the market and dots representing company's positions with respect to those dimensions. There are many versions. Price v. Quality. Capabilities v. Price. Price v. Value. Luxury v. Reliability. Price v. Economy. These are all interesting and useful, but why are there 2 and only 2 axes?

Branding and Human Cognition

This post will discuss something that is at the heart of everything we do as human beings. It also shows why we have marketing and branding companies at all. Finally, it shows why I love this business so much. We are essentializing beings. That is, our way of knowing the world tends heavily towards looking for the essential, the typical, and the regular. We tend to see the general, the core, the one single "thing" that summarizes, encapsulates, or explains what we're looking at. And this is the core thought behind the importance of branding.
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