Will your new brand destroy your company?

In our business, we frequently meet people who feel that their company or product brand doesn't fit them. Sometimes the brand used to fit, and sometimes it never did. Bad brands are almost always the result of failing to spend a small amount of money at the beginning. And, now they are facing spending much more money to correct the problems. The question is, what risks are present in re-branding?

Are modern B2B operations becoming too difficult for B2B companies?

Good marketing and branding challenges, pushes, and cajoles companies into action and growth. And this is why companies buy work in marketing and branding in the first place: they want to achieve growth. What most companies don't realize is that operating at this level is much harder than they thought.

Does b2b branding matter anymore?

Over on his blog, Todd Miechiels wrote an interesting post questioning whether b2b branding is relevant anymore. He says that micro-brands and one-to-one communication make brands unimportant.

Is your brand totalled?

There is lots of talk about brand equity. It's an important concept that is little understood. Today, we'll talk about it in the context of your overall brand strategy.

Selling without branding? Don't waste your time.

Most B2B companies want to increase their revenue. And most of them do it by increasing sales effort. This can take the form of adding staff or increasing advertising. The question is whether this is the best approach.

Branding: It Might Not Win You Sales But It Sure Can Lose Them

As a marketer and brander, I support good branding and argue for it when I can. One of the counterarguments is that branding doesn't make any sales. I think this is true as far as it goes. Very few people will make a purchase solely on the basis of good branding. But, this isn't the reason to do branding.
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